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Energy Union: the EC presented a new package

On 15th July the EC presented the so-called “summer package” for a new European energy system. This package of measures starts implementing the new strategy presented on February by the Juncker Commission, “Energy Union”, which defines a forward-looking policy on climate change. Specifically, the measures are based on a new definition of the role of consumers in the energy market, a redefinition of the European electricity market, an update of the energy efficiency labelling and a revision of the EU emission trading scheme (ETS). The proposals focus on the principle of “efficiency first” and put consumers and businesses in the centre of the European energy market. With regard to energy labelling, the EC has published a proposal for a regulation, which proposes to return to the original energy scale from A to G.

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Circular economy: the EP urges the Commission to present new ambitious proposal

On 9th July 2015, the members of the European Parliament gathered in plenary session approved with a high consensus (394 votes in favour, 197 against and 82 abstentions) a very structured proposal on issue of circular economy. The resolution adopted by the European Parliament follows the European Commission’s communication on circular economy package (COM (2014) 0398), presented together with a legislative proposal on waste (COM (2014)397) which was withdrawn in March by the new Juncker Commission with a promise to make improvements.
In the wake of this controversial decision by the Commission, the European Parliament therefore wanted to send a strong signal, urging it to submit an “ambitious proposal” on the issue by the end of the year.

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Reduced vertical safety space: installation must be authorised by the competent Authority

During December 2014 a very important ruling was delivered by the Regional Administrative Court of Bologna (Italy) concerning elevators with reduced vertical safety space.
With this judgment, the Court ordered to put out of service two elevators with a reduced vertical safety space compared to the size established by the harmonised standard UNI EN 81-1, a ban which was previously ordered during a periodical check by the USL (local health) in Bologna in November 2012.
This putting out of service had been motivated by the USL with the absence of specific authorisation by the competent authority, which in Italy is the Ministry of Economic Development, in accordance with point 2.2 of annex I of the DPR 162/99 implementing Lifts Directive 95/16/EC, which is compulsory to be obtained prior to installation.

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After an inquiry of the Italian Competition Authority, Kone and Schindler have withdrawn their commercial communication concerning energy efficiency

Following a report by EFESME in December 2013, the Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) reviewed the advertisements contained in the websites of Kone and Schindler and acquired information through inspection findings at corporate headquarters. After some months of investigation, the AGCM supposed that such messages could negatively affect the correct choice of potential customers.
The Italian Authority questioned the data on energy consumption of some types of lifts, made without providing the necessary information for their correct interpretation; moreover, the AGCM also contested the reference to Guideline VDI 4707 used as it was the official industry standard, which assigned to the products of the two companies a “class A” label of energy efficiency.

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