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The new standardisation request for lifts

The elaboration and adoption of  harmonised standards is based upon a standardisation request (mandate) issued by the European Commission to the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) according to Regulation (EU) n. 1025/2012. When a standard meets the requirements set out in the request, the Commission publishes its reference in the Official Journal of the European […]

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The added value of standardisation for SMEs

EFESME and SBS (Small Business Standards) jointly organised the national seminar “Standardisation for SMEs: sectoral representation at EU level” in Madrid on the 22nd September. Mr Massimo Bezzi, EFESME Vice-President, opened the meeting welcoming the participants and highlighting the importance of EFESME in the defence of the lift sector at EU level, this work is […]

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State of the Union 2016

On Wednesday 14 September 2016, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, delivered his second State of the Union address at the European Parliament Hemicycle. President Juncker looked back over the achievements of the past year, presented the priorities for the year ahead and set out how the European Commission will address the most […]

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National Seminar in Spain, 22 September 2016

EFESME is pleased to invite you to the national seminar that will take place in Madrid, Spain on the 22nd September. EFESME is organising this seminar jointly with Small Business Standards (SBS). The seminar will have two parts: a general one with the aim to inform SMEs and national horizontal and sectorial associations about the European […]

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