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Standing point of the EC Mandate M/549 to CEN

Find the pdf version here. On September 21st, 2016, the European Commission sent a “standardisation request to the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) as regards lifts and safety components for lifts in support of Directive 2014/33/EU (Lifts Directive) of the European Parliament and Council”. The EC Mandate M/549 – this is how the request is commonly […]

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SBS Lifts Seminar – Making Safety Standards for Lifts “Global”

EFESME is pleased to invite you to attend the SBS seminar Making Safety Standards for Lifts “Global” on May 31st in Brussels. In line with the ISO Project to eliminate, as far as possible, the technical barriers to trade worldwide for the lift products, the process of converging the EN standards for lifts into new […]

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EFESME is a CEN Liaison Association

EFESME is glad to announce that, with the conclusion of the application procedure started in January 2018, it is officially a CEN Liaison Organisation. Our Federation has been positively evaluated firstly by the Cen-Cenelec Management Centre (CCMC), then by the National Standardisation Bodies. From now, a representative from EFESME will participate in the CEN TC10 […]

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EFESME Newsletter March 2018

Newsletter EFESME March 2018

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