EFESME participated to the VmA General Assembly, on the occasion of VmA 35th anniversary

At the kind invitation of VmA – Vereinigung mittelständischer Aufzugsunternehmen e V.all and its first chairman, Mr Ralph Kanzler, on Thursday 12 March, EFESME participated in the public part of the VmA General Assembly, to meet one of its historical members, and present its activities at European level, both in standardisation and in other fields.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Kanzler welcomed all VmA members to the public part of the General Assembly. During this first part, many topics were discussed, presenting both the activities of VmA and those of some of its members, to finally leave a considerable space to EFESME.

First, Ms. Mariana Krasemann and Mr. Felix Hartung introduced Thor Industriemontagen, a personnel service provider that has fully equipped technicians for elevator construction. Afterwards Mr. Kurt Seifert presented the RAL Quality Association for Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems. SHEV systems are often installed in the elevator shaft, and it must comply with DIN EN 16763.

After the coffee break, Mr. Wolfgang Adldinger from VfA – Verband für Aufzugstechnikreported on market information, technologies, and trends as well as on standards, guidelines, and regulations that have an impact on the elevator industry. The most important conclusions were that the development in elevator construction continues, many patents are published, the number of installed elevators increases significantly, and the regulations and standards are getting bigger and more numerous. It is becoming increasingly difficult for individual SMEs to keep an overview here, which is the reason why they need some kind of external support. This last conclusion was the was the perfect way to introduce VmA members to the latest news regarding the work carried out by EFESME during the last year.

The panel dedicated to EFESME started with a video by Mr. Massimo Bezzi, President of EFESME, in which he greeted the VMA members, since he could not participate in person. President Bezzi explained the work of EFESME and its importance for SMEs in the lift industry; moreover, the President underlined once again the importance of the participation of the members and their associates to the EFESME activities, so that the Federation can act most effectively to support and protect the SMEs it represents.

Following President Bezzi’s video, Mr. Damyan Petrov, Vice President of EFESME, first presented his own company
Prolift and the association BALM from Bulgaria, and explained why it is important for SMEs in the Bulgarian market to be part of EFESME. Mr. Petrov then went on explaining the EFESME activities more into details, especially its focus on digitalisation, where several technical experts work in various bodies of the European Union as well as in the standardisation organisations. Another important focus was EFESME membership to SBS – Small Business Standards, which, along the years, has given to the Federation and its SMEs a stronger voice when working with the European institution, mostly the European Commission, and the standardisation bodies, both European and international.  Since 2003, SBS has been the voice of SMEs in the world of standardisation, in many sectors and at various standardisation bodies. Thanks to the support and prestige of SBS, EFESME regularly participates in the meetings of CEN-CENELEC, ETSI, and ISO, as well as other expert groups of the European institutions, to present and support the SMEs it represents.

EFESME thanks VmA for the invitation and for the opportunity to meet its associates and discuss together the needs and concerns of German SMEs. Knowing the national realities is essential for EFESME to better support its members, and for this reason the Federation hopes to be able to organize more and more events at national level with its members, to create a virtuous exchange of ideas and positions between the European sphere of the Federation and the various members.

(The article was written with the participation of Mr Ralph Kanzler and Mr Damyan Petrov)


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