SBS Lift Seminar – Interlift 2019: Why is cybersecurity important in the lift sector?

EFESME is organising the SBS Lift Seminar – Interlif 2019 on October 17 from 9.45am to 12am in Augsburg (Germany), on the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Interlift Fair at the Messe Augsburg premises (Am Messezentrum, 5).



This year, the main topic of the seminar will focus on cybersecurity and on its impact on SMEs in the lift sector, and will attempt to examine the technical aspects of the phenomenon and how SMEs are working with new digital means.
The day will see both theoretical presentations, explaining the more technical aspects of this global phenomenon, and practical case studies, to show how SMEs are reacting to the potentialities, the risks, the opportunities and the difficulties they are encountering while discovering a new, fundamental tool for their daily work.


The Seminar is part of the SBS sectoral approach, which allows EFESME to implement, on behalf of SBS – Small Business Strandards, a complete set of activities in order to encourage the participation of lift SMEs in the European standardisation processes.
Thanks to the SBS Lift Seminar, SBS and EFESME intend to present to their audience the work done by the experts and how SMEs are positively affected.


The Secretariat is at your disposal at should you need any further information.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Ausburg!


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