Press release – EFESME Board of Directors and General Assembly

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The last EFESME Board of Directors and General Assembly took place online last Thursday, 17th December.

During the meetings, the EFESME members discussed the several technical and political activities carried out during 2020, regardless of the difficult situation and limitations caused by the Coronavirus worldwide.

Once again, the EFESME members expressed their fully satisfaction for the results obtained thanks to the work of the Federation and its experts, especially at this dramatic time for everyone. The meetings the Federation has attended, and the events it has organised or of which it has been a guest, are proof that EFESME’s ongoing commitment to European lift SMEs has never waned, and will continue with renewed confidence in the years to come.

The importance of the collaboration between the European Commission and EFESME was again a focal point. Such strong cooperation is supported by the Commission’s frequent participation in EFESME events, and by the good relationships between its officers and the EFESME experts, which is the very basis for the excellent achievements reached together.

Furthermore, the members expressed their deep satisfaction at the excellent work and activities developed with SBS – Small Business Standards in 2020, as well as their hope for this fruitful collaboration to steadily continue in the next years. Such commitment is crucial to EFESME and its members, as it will allow the Federation to continue to support European lift SMEs and ensure that their voice is heard and respected.



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