In October 2016, EFESME participated in (and eventually won) the internal call of proposal launched by Small Business Standards (SBS) for 2017, within the Working Package 6 dedicated to the sectoral approach. This section will present the work produced by EFESME in the framework of the call.

EFESME is using this opportunity to participate in some European technical groups, among them the European Organisation for Technical Assessment in the area of construction products (EOTA) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), in which EFESME representatives might individuate and help developing suitable standards for digital communications.

EFESME, thanks to the support of its members and stakeholders’ network, will also draft articles, official reports and position papers with the aim of analysing and informing about ongoing standards, and trying to translate the technical jargon into texts easily accessible to everyone, thus raising awareness about the topic. This will be possible thanks to a work of monitoring on the implementation at national level of a selection of standards and directives. Finally, a Lift Forum on standardisation will be also organised in November: EFESME will present the work carried out throughout the project, while experts, technicians and representatives at EU level will discuss and share information about the lift sector.


The new standardisation request for lifts

ETSI: an overview on the information and communication technologies standards

Contribution of lifts to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: a legal framework

EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 become the only applicable standards for lift design

The voice of lift SMEs in the standardisation bodies

IoT for lifts: ETSI Smart M2M and the benefits for the maintenance services

Position papers: 

Standard Accessibility for SMEs in the Elevator Industry (under  approval)

Small Business Standards (SBS) is the no-profit association, strongly desired and co-financed by the EC and EFTA, representing the interests of all EU SMEs in the European standardisation system. Committed to raising awareness for standardisation and facilitating the introduction and the use of standards in SMEs, SBS was established in October 2013 thanks to the involvement of EFESME and other seven national and European organisations. SBS met the challenge launched by the EC by winning the call, with the purpose of directly getting involved in the development of standards, representing and defending SMEs facing the European and the National Organisations of Standardisation and combining tools to ensure a sound understanding of standard benefits and uses for SMEs.

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