The European Commission presented the Work Programme 2010

On 31 March, the European Commission has published its Work Programme 2010 “Time to act”. This document provides an indicative list of important initiatives for the years 2010-2014 and encompasses strategic proposals foreseen for adoption in 2010, aiming notably at putting the Europe 2020 Strategy into practice.

The Commission Work Programme 2010 translates the priorities of President Barroso’s political guidelines into concrete actions. Overall, emphasis of the Work Programme is on the following points:

1. putting the Europe 2020 Strategy into practice thereby building the basis for exiting the economic crisis and creating sustainable growth and jobs;
2. enhancing the rights and security of European citizens;
3. strengthening Europe’s role on the world stage.

For the first time the Work Programme 2010 provides a multiannual overview of the work which the Commission plans to undertake in the coming years. This will not only improve predictability for all stakeholders, but also facilitate cooperation with the other EU institutions.

The Commission commits to deliver on the strategic initiatives foreseen for adoption in 2010 and provides indicative lists of other important initiatives for the years 2010-2014. Through annual updates of the Work Programme, the Commission will identify new annual strategic initiatives and adapt the multiannual strand as necessary.

For the current year, noteworthy strategic initiatives are: a Communication on a European Digital Agenda (2nd quarter); a Communication on the “Youth on the Move” initiative (3rd quarter); a Communication on Youth Employment (4th quarter); a Communication on the platform against poverty (4th quarter); relaunch of the Single Market (2nd quarter); Action Plan Implementing the Stockholm Programme for freedom, security and justice (published on 20 April); revision of the Working Time Directive (proposal due for 4th quarter); Citizenship Report including analysis and remedies for obstacles to free movement (4th quarter); new comprehensive legal framework for data protection (proposal due for 4th quarter); Green Paper on Pensions (2nd quarter); Budget Review (3rd quarter); Fifth report on economic, social and territorial cohesion (4th quarter).


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