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SBS Lift Forum on the BIM in the lift sector

27 May 2021
  • 10.00 - 12.30

Join us and our experts and guests in explaining what the BIM – Building Information Modeling is, and how it will impact the lift sector and its SMEs!


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BIM – Building Information Modelling – is a new way of thinking about and organising the planning and subsequent construction of a building, which continues throughout the life cycle of a construction. It is a method of digitally sharing the data of a building and all its components, creating an integrated three-dimensional model accessible to all actors involved in its construction.

In some ways revolutionary, BIM is already leading and will continue to lead to major changes in the construction sector and related sectors such as the lift industry.

For these reasons, EFESME and SBS have decided to organise a first introductory forum to learn more about what BIM is and how it will become part of the lift sector in the coming years.

The forum is open to all interested persons and aims to be the first of many occasions to discuss, study and understand BIM, in order to get the best out of this new system.

The event will consist of several sessions, to address the BIM topic from several points of view. The first session aims to give a more general idea of what BIM is, how it is used, and what is happening in the world of European standardisation regarding such an important revolution in different sectors and how to make it as standardised and accessible as possible. A standardised and SME-friendly development of BIM is the best result for all involved, and to be sure that this new methodology supports and enables SMEs to flourish, without causing further obstacles.

The second session will go into more detail within the lift sector, to give a first introduction to how BIM will impact the daily activities of companies, especially lift SMEs.
In fact, it is essential that lift SMEs immediately understand the extent of the changes that BIM will bring to their sector: a change in method and mentality, which will influence both the work of those who produce lift components and those who install and maintain them.

Don’t miss this interesting activity to start learning about a methodology that has the potential to revolutionise the lift sector! We look forward to seeing you there!

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