October 17, 2022

"Eliminar barreras", the next FEPYMA event on barriers in the lift sector

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For the second time this year, FEPYMA, the Spanish member of EFESME, is organising an event to discuss with Spanish lift SMEs how to remove barriers, of all kinds, to create a working and living environment that allows them to thrive and use at the very best their capabilities.

In FEPYMA own words,

"Removing physical barriers is what the lift industry is doing across Europe to achieve universal accessibility and mobility in all buildings.
SMEs are a key player in the lift industry and a part of local economies. Although they are leaders in the accessibility of existing buildings, they face legal and regulatory barriers, as well as commercial and technological barriers."

It therefore becomes clear that the removal of barriers - addressed here in a multifaceted manner, recognising their different nature and the different problems they bring - is not only desirable but even necessary to enable European lift SMEs to make the most of their potential, and to increasingly become participating and indispensable players in the European lift industry.

This is an issue that is very close to EFESME's heart, part of its very mission from the beginning. Over the years, the Federation has worked with his experts and members, as well with the lift SMEs it represents, to recognise, raise awareness of, and break down these barriers, be they technical, linguistic, architectural, and so on.

For this reason, along Mr. José María Compagni Morales, coordinator of FEPYMA and one of EFESME Vice-Presidents, the Federation will be present and the event with its European partner, SBS – Small Business Standards. Together, the two associations will talk about how standardisation is playing its fundamental part in removing these barriers, and how the European reality may be the right environment to develop standards and policies that go in this direction and support lift SMEs.
It will be an interesting approach, which will bring together the European multi-sectoral approach of SBS and the EFESME lift targeted and focused approach , demonstrating how they can work together to strengthen each other and achieve the best results for SMEs.

Many other guests will be present, so that the evnt will become a great round-table to be able to address this important topic from several points of view; Internet of Things, digitalisation, and accessibility for SMEs will be other crucial topics to discuss together, to see where other barriers are present to impede SMEs to fully develop their potential


Find more information on the FEPYMA event here [in Spanish]

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