December 22, 2022

SBS Study - Mapping of national initiatives on existing lifts modifications

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The core business of most lift SMEs is in maintenance, repair and modernisation services. To complete this study, a survey has been launched in 2022 among the EFESME members to gather information on what practices exist on lifts modifications at national level.

In some member countries the national standardisation bodies have developed local good practices that define the requirements for carrying out repair and modernisation works on installations "in a workmanlike manner".

The experts involved have mapped and compared these common practices to asses if there is a need for common European guidelines to support the execution of the most complex interventions on existing installations, or whether the situation, although handled differently at national level, has reached its balance ©SBS - Small Business Standards

There are no European standards dedicated to maintenance, repair and modernisation services in the lift industry.
In this context, SBS - Small Business Standards and EFESME decided to developa study to better understand the situation at national levelregarding the several approaches to this type of intervention on existing lifts, and see which are the national practices and rules to perform such interventions.

The inputs collected by the survey shared with the EFESME members showed very different situations at the national level. In some states there are national practices, often very different, in others not. This already identifies a non-homogenous situation with regard to these important works, which are often the daily work of European lift SMEs.
On this basis, the technical experts involved carried out a detailed analysis in order to create a comprehensive overview of whether there is a need for some kind of European guideline for this type of maintenance, repair and modernisation work - and, if so, what kind of document should be developed to support the correct and safe execution of these major interventions.

The results of this survey are now available to the public in aSME-friendly final report with tables summarising the information received from the national level.

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This SBS Study is part of the activities developed by SBS - Small Business Standards and EFESME to support European lift SMEs in standardisation, to inform and train them, and provide them with information useful for their daily work and knowledge.

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