December 20, 2023

SBS Study - Criticalities for lift SMEs in the application of standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50

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As part of the work EFESME develops together with SBS - Small Business Standards to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the lift sector in Europe, a study was developed this year to understand what the criticalities in the application of EN 81-20 & EN 81-50.

The EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards are the two main standards for the European lift sector, so it is crucial to understand where the main difficulties and criticalities lie for lift SMEs in applying them in their daily work, and which points cause the most difficulties for the companies using them – such as the availability of the special tools and of the instruction for use.

The objective of this study is therefore to create a summary document that is the right tool to highlight this issue and raise the awareness of the stakeholders involved (European Commission, ESOs, notified bodies, ...), in order to provide a factual and informed basis on which to intervene in a future on the problem.

The data to compile this study were collected by consulting EFESME members and the EFESME netwrok, in order to obtain responses from different countries, so that they are representative of the reality of lift SMEs in Europe. All the information was then analysed by the EFESME Team in order to be compiled into a final document easily accessible and useful for the future work of EFESME and SBS technical experts on these two crucial standards and for all the SMEs the Federation represents.

The results of this survey are now available to the public in aSME-friendly final report, which you can read and download here below.
The SBS Study is accompanied by the questionnaire used to collect the information and a table compiling the results in numerical form.

  • Find the SBS Study here

This SBS Study is part of the activities developed by SBS - Small Business Standards and EFESME to support European lift SMEs in standardisation, to inform and train them, and provide them with information useful for their daily work and knowledge.

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