March 25, 2024

New EFESME market survey: modernisation and safety in the lift sector

To continue to improve the knowledge and understanding of the European lift industry, EFESME and its technical team developed a new market survey.

The aim of this market survey is to collect information in more details on modernisation activities and interventions, as well as on safety in the lift sector in the past years.

To support the market survey, the EFESME Experts team developed an online questionnaire, thought to be entirely SME-friendly and accessible, which is available in four languages. The questionnaire, of rapid response, will ask European lift SMEs to share their experiences and opinions about:

  • Modernisation activities carried out by lift SMEs on lifts and platforms
  • The incidents and accidents in which they have intervened

Based on this information and data, the EFESME Experts will then develop an informative and illustrative report containing all the results. The report will be freely available for download on the EFESME website.

The replies of European lift SMEs are indispensable for the success of the questionnaire and of the market survey, as well as to the completeness of the final report. This will allow EFESME to have a full overview of the situation around the continent and share with lift SMEs such important information.

The questionnaire is open until April 14th.

Find the questionnaire here ➡️

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