May 27, 2022

EFESME replied to the EC open consultation on the Cyber Resilience Act

As part of EFESME's activities to study and better understand the impact that digitisation and cybersecurity will have on the lift industry, the Federation and its technical experts responded to the public consultation on the Cyber Resilience Act.
It is well known that Smart Lifts are increasingly present on the market, and that their impact on industry has been, and will continue to be, considerable. In addition, the CRA to be adopted by the Commission is scheduled for Q3 2022, so it was crucial to be able to express the position of SMEs on a topic that has the potential to directly influence their business, especially with regard to the increasingly modern and increasingly interconnected systems of smart home automation and Smart Lifts.

EFESME's action focused on two directives: on the one hand, with its response to the consultation, EFESME went to give a strictly sectoral opinion on what the Commission was asking for; on the other hand, by commenting on the Call for Evidence on the Impact Assessment, the Federation detailed more precisely which parts of the text are particularly problematic for the lift SMEs it represents.

READ THE EFESME comment to the call for evidence

The comments have been developed by the Federation's team of technical experts taking example from the real situation SMEs encounter in their daily work when they also have to deal with the digital world, with the collaboration of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and of their experts.

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