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April 29, 2021

ETSI IoT Week - EFESME and SBS were there!

In the week between 26 and 30 April, the 2021 edition of the ETSI IoT Week took place online. The ETSI IoT Week is the annual event that ETSI organises to present all the latest innovations regarding digitalisation and the Internet of Things, in various sectors. For the lift sector, on 28 April, EFESME and SBS expert Marco Cogliati spoke about so-called "Smart Lifts" during a talk dedicated to this increasingly important topic for the sector. During the segment, Mr. Cogliati and the Chiarman of TC Smart M2M, Mr. Enrico Scarrone, had the opportunity to discuss and present various topics, ranging from the work done within this technical committee to the latest market news in terms of communication and digital processes, up to presenting a specific case study to demonstrate the undoubted advantages of an increasing digital presence in the lift world - without forgetting what the risks may be. The panel dedicated to smart lifts in the IoT was a particularly interesting and important opportunity for EFESME, especially remembering, on the one hand, the constant commitment of the Federation in studying and addressing the issues of digitalisation and cybersecurity in lifts, especially in recent years through the initiative of its President; on the other hand, the work done by Cogliati himself within ETSI Smart M2M, with the support of SBS - Small Business Standards, which led to the drafting and publication first of the technical report TR 103.546, and then the technical specification TS 103.753. The latter is fundamental for understanding how a smart lift can interact, through IoT, in Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, in a concept of home automation that increasingly integrates the various parties involved and interested. Moreover, of crucial importance for the work of SMEs, the TS in question laid the foundations for the possible future writing of an ad hoc standard, so that the integration of the lift and its transition to the IoT follows a precise and clear path. The ETSI IoT Week showed once again how the contribution of lift SMEs and their experts can bring extremely important contributions to the drafting of useful standards and documents within the sector, which always consider the needs of SMEs, to allow them to prosper and become more and more fascinating and important realities in the European and international market.   >>> More on the ETSI IoT Week are available on the dedicated webpage on the ETSI website.

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