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May 20, 2020

EFESME Digital Working Group

As part of the digitalisation activities that EFESME is carrying out with its members, the EFESME Digital Working Group, the WG that allows the Federation, national associations and their guests to discuss and confront the most interesting topics of the digital world, took place on the 20th of May.  The two most important items on the agenda were the speeches of three experts from Trakia.Tech, a Bulgarian think-tank specialized in digitalisation, digital security and opportunities for the future, and the discussion on the role of digitization during the COVID-19 emergency and in the coming months.  The intervention of Trakia.Tech's guests, Georgi Stoeff (Chairman), Chudmir Delchev (Cloud & DevOps Architect) and Yovko Lambrev (Cloud & Infrastructure Architect) allowed to know in more detail the first projects that the think-tank is carrying out in the elevator sector thanks to the collaboration with Damyan Petrov, Vice-President of EFESME and CEO of Prolift Ldt. (Bulgaria).   Trakia.Tech, which, for now, does not have much experience in the elevator sector, but has grasped its many potential, is working on a system to collect and process different types of data produced by a lift (system data, environmental data, etc.), so that it can work more efficiently, analyse the situation of the plant, and be able to predict more accurately the interventions to be made. The leitmotif of the think-tank, i.e. that the sharing of data, with due care, will become more and more crucial in the next one for working activities, takes shape here in the concept that, having a wide range of data available and combining them together, it is possible to organize and complete maintenance and repair work more effectively.   The Trakia.Tech project, which is still experimental at the moment, has started a lively and interesting discussion between the experts and the various guests, based above all on the current difficulties in accessing and reading the data, the different opinions and attitudes presented by the various actors in the sector, and the role that SMEs can and should have in the future with regard to the potential created by better access to data for their activities. EFESME hopes that the discussion on this topic can continue in the future, and is already taking steps to organize a second meeting with Trakia.Tech to further deepen the topics introduced during this WG.  With regard to the role of digitalisation itself, which we already know to be fundamental for the lift sector, the discussion was mainly about the possibilities and opportunities that the COVID-19 emergency can create for SMEs. Although it is clear that the health emergency has caused immense difficulties for the sector and the economy as a whole, the fact that the virus itself can create opportunities for the sector had already been addressed during the EW India Webinar on 12th May. On the occasion of the Digital WG, EFESME decided to address the issue again, and to go into more detail with its members, experts and guests.   The picture that emerged is that it is clear that, in the installation of tomorrow that must take into account what has been learned during the emergency, digital and remote tools will be indispensable. They range from the already known possibilities to check the status of a remote system to the possibility to call the lift via specific applications, so that the user does not have to touch the control panel, which is known to be one of the dirtiest elements not only of the car, but of an entire building. During both the EW India Webinar and the EFESME Digital WG, a sense of cautious optimism prevailed with respect to the added potential of digitisation in the months to come: it can create new opportunities for SMEs to offer innovative services, especially in terms of maintenance, preventive or otherwise, and customised for the customer, proving that the creativity and flexibility typical of SMEs give them an edge over other players in the sector. The possibility to create new communication systems, instead, not only with the lift, but also with other systems present in the building, can push more and more towards a home automation house, opening new work and collaboration spaces for SMEs.   Still on the digital theme, EFESME and the coordinators of the Digital WG, Damyan Petrov (Vice-President, Bulgaria) and Ralph Kanlzer (Germany), have decided to update the questionnaire they are creating on the theme to ask the various members and associates how COVID-19 has impacted on their activities with regard to remote working, and what are the expectations for the digital future of their businesses, so as to be able to direct the Federation's activities towards increasingly effective actions in support of the SME it represents.  The next EFESME Digital WG will take place in a couple of months, following the calendar of working groups at ETSI and ISO with the participation of the Federation's experts.  

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