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October 20, 2021

EFESME attends the first online Lifts Experts’ Day, organised by AFAG and VfA Interlift

At the kind invitation of VfA Interlift and AFAG, EFESME and its President, Mr Massimo Bezzi, took part in the first online Lift Experts' Day, organised on the dates of the postponed Interlift 2021. The event, an entire day dedicated to various panels touching on the most diverse topics, from standardisation to post-covid, was an important first opportunity to meet again after many months, to discuss in person issues of common interest, and to give the right impetus to the next edition of Interlift, which will take place in April 2022.

A panel was dedicated to the latter, during which the organisers intervened to illustrate how the organisation of the trade fair is proceeding in the best possible way, in order to guarantee an exciting edition, with a particular and precise focus on safety.

Program InterLift Experts Day

The contents of the event have been particularly interesting and involving; to give some examples, the presentation of Mr. Andre Khuknin (Credit Suisse AG) on the global lift market trends has given a different view to the sector, while the speech of Mr. Tim Ebeling (Henning GmbH & Co. KG) on the digitalisation, has underlined once more how the digital is a more and more unavoidable aspect for the elevator industry, especially and also in times of post-covid. Mr Frank Saalmuller (SCHAEFER GmbH) spoke on the latter topic, while Mr Franz Watzke (VFA-Interlift e.V.) summarised the latest developments in the world of standardisation and how this could evolve.

Finally, the panel on communication methodology by Prof. Dr. Sven M. Pruser (HTW Berlin) highlighted, once again, the necessity of meeting in person, certainly in complete safety, and how human relations are fundamental in the work and association activities of all profiles involved.

  • The recording of the event will be available HERE in the coming weeks

In the words of the President of EFESME, Mr. Massimo Bezzi: "It was a very successful event, a necessary moment of meeting after so many months to give launch and stimulus to all the people involved in view of the 2022 edition of Interlift. It was a nice and interesting opportunity to meet again and talk about what is necessary, also in an informal way thanks to the excellent organisation of AFAG and VfA Interlift.”

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