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September 14, 2021

New Work Item TS 103.849 Smart Escalators IoT Systems

ETSI Smart M2M has announced a New Work Item, Technical Specification TS 103.849 on Smart Escalators into an IoT System.
The document, which is a twin of the Technical Specification TS 103.735 "Smart Lift IoT System" and continues on the path set by the Technical Report TR 103.546 on Smart Lifts, is of great interest for European lift SMEs involved in the sector, and will include information on signals, alarms and commands, communication system, and system interoperability.
Moreover, together with the previously mentioned TS and TR, it is intended to serve as a basis for developing an eventual future European standard on the important matter of IoT Systems.
Mr. Marco Cogliati, EFESME & SBS expert within ETSI Smart M2M, has been chosen as rapporteur also for this new document, after the excellent work done in the very same role for TS 103.735 and TR 103.546. Mr. Cogliati's work and role as rapporteur will ensure that the positions of European lift SMEs are always taken into account, which is of utmost importance for the continuous protection of their interests and to support a SME-friendly standardisation and supporting documentation, and to boost their daily work.

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