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December 1, 2021

EFESME attends the ANACAM 2021 EXPO

Upon the kind invitation of its Italian member ANACAM and its President, Mr. Andrea Codecò, EFESME participated in ANACAM 2021 EXPO (25-27 November), the lift exhibition organised by ANACAM to celebrate its 50 years supporting and protecting Italian lift SMEs. The event, which took place in Milan at the SUPERSTUDIO Events location, was the first opportunity of meeting and confrontation after two years without sector fairs of such importance and scope. For EFESME, it was an honour to be among the invited guests and to be able to present its activities and initiatives to such a large and interested audience.

During the afternoon of Thursday 25th November, there was an important moment dedicated to SBS - Small Business Standards and the activities that are developed together with EFESME in order to write standards and policies that are SME friendly. The technical work with SBS sees EFESME experts engaged in several Working Groups of CEN TC 10 and ISO TC 178, as well as in several technical groups of the European Commission, such as the Notified Bodies, the Commission Expert Group on Machinery and the Commission Expert Group on Lifts. This direct technical participation, also supported by EFESME's national members, allows the experts to actively intervene in the drafting of new standards or in the revision of existing versions, as well as to promote the creation of SME friendly policies and working environment in order to create the opportunity for lift SMEs to thrive and develop at their best.


The topics touched upon during the panel on technical activities with SBS were, for example:

    • CEN TC 10 WG 13
    • CEN TC 10 WG 1 & TF HaS
    • ISO TC 178
    • Notified Bodies for Lifts
    • Commission Experts Group on Mahcinery and ongoing revision of the Machinery Directive
    • Importance of digitalisation and cybersecurity for the sector

The topics will then be taken up for a European and international audience during the SBS Lift webinar that will take place online on 14th December 2021.


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On the morning of Friday 26th November, on the other hand, within the many interesting activities organised by ANACAM, EFESME and Interlift AFAG were the guests of a panel aimed at presenting the next edition of Interlift, postponed from October 2021 to April 2022.

Bezzi 2Bilibio 2

In this context, EFESME had the valuable opportunity to present the ambitious project it has put in place, namely the creation of a collective pavilion for the Federation, its members and their lift SMEs. The objective of the collective pavilion is twofold: on the one hand, it wants to underline the European nature of the Federation, and to stress once again that it is the teamwork involving several actors that allows to achieve great results for the lift SMEs that EFESME represents. On the other hand, it wants to give the lift SMEs it supports the possibility of participating more easily in an international event of the magnitude of Interlift, an unmissable showcase to make their novelties and products known.



On this occasion, EFESME also organised its Board of Directors and General Assembly, which saw members summarise the activities developed in 2021 and plan many more for the year to come, so that the Federation can always better support lift SMEs and their needs and positions. EFESME members were very satisfied with the activities carried out and expressed full support for the technical activities of the experts involved.

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EFESME wants to congratulate the organisers for the successful event, which saw a lot of SMEs displaying their products, presenting their novelties, and meeting with customers and curious people after such a long time.
In a difficult period like this, occasions like ANACAM 2021, in full compliance with all the regulations in force, was a great opportunity to meet and restart, a cautiously positive momentum towards a better 2022.

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