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January 26, 2022

EFESME/SBS Expert Marco Cogliati attends the "oneM2M Smart Lift private sector use case" webinar

Yesterday, 25th January, EFESME/SBS expert Mr. Marco Cogliati participated as a speaker in the webinar "oneM2M Smart Lift private sector use case" organised by INDIA-EU ICT Standardisation Collaboration.

The invitation was extremely welcome and allowed Mr. Cogliati to share with the audience his experience and knowledge about lifts within IoT systems, touching and analysing several extremely important and strongly interconnected topics. Mr. Cogliati moved from the aspects and risks of cybersecurity in the lift industry, to European standardisation itself within ETSI and the lift industry and what it entails, to how standardisation in general can be a vital enabler in the digital age, especially to meet and support SMEs by creating a level-playing field. This last element is particularly relevant given how fast the lift market is evolving, where new technologies are emerging within the Internet of Things to support smart-lits that are increasingly integrated into a home automation reality - SMEs need this kind of knowledge to evolve towards the future and to prosper.

All the topics analysed by Mr. Cogliati, who can draw valuable examples from his work,  are crucial elements for SMEs, and have been the subject of EFESME and SBS - Small Business Standards' activities for many years: illustrating how European standardisation is evolving, changing and adapting to a sector in continuous development is fundamental to support lift SMEs in Europe and give them the necessary knowledge to be a strong player in the market.

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