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February 4, 2022

EFESME welcomes the new EU Strategy on Standardisation

The new EU Strategy on Standardisation is an important step towards greater inclusiveness of the European Standardisation System, so that it can involve all realities that are affected by and benefit from European standards.

Addressing topics such as the participation and inclusion of SMEs in standardisation processes, the need to have harmonised standards in a timely manner, and the need to modernise the regulations of the European Standardisation Organisations, as well as the importance of training and education on standardisation, to name a few, the Commission has presented a new EU Strategy on Standardisation with important potential for European SMEs.

All these elements already have and will increasingly play an important role in defining the position of the European Union within international standardisation, where European standards can and must play a crucial strategic role in ensuring that the values of the Union, especially in a time of great change, are always respected and upheld. Such a role at international level has the potential to lead to the creation of a working environment, not only at European level, within which SMEs can thrive and prosper.

The Commission has already had the opportunity to dialogue with the various stakeholders on European standardisation in the summer of 2021, when it asked for comments on the Roadmap presented on the subject. EFESME presented feedback, stressing the importance of involving SMEs more and more.

Given the focus on SMEs, their participation and inclusion in the various European standardisation processes, EFESME welcomes the new EU Strategy on Standardisation, with the certainty that the measures proposed by the Commission, when duly implemented, will bring great benefits to European standardisation, to the single market, and its SMEs.

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